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60-minute fire-rated safety glass

As the leading independent provider of fire safety glass, Pyroguard’s range of toughened, laminated and monolithic fire safety glass can protect from flames, heat and smoke from 30 minutes up to 180 minutes.

Our high-performance, 60-minute fire rated glass is well suited to projects that require fire protection both internally and externally and for more complex projects, our multi-functional options enable you to add supplementary performance features, such as smoke protection, solar and acoustic control and attack resistance.

Fire Rated Safety Glass FAQs

60-minute fire rated glass products

With over 30 years of experience, Pyroguard have developed the widest range of fire safety glass products that are tested and certified for use in countless applications and framing systems.  Our entire range fire safety glass products are subject to continuous development and rigorous testing and we have a host of comprehensive test evidence to support their use. View each of the classifications for our 60-minute fire rated safety glass below.

E- Integrity

Within this classification, Pyrostem is a cuttable fire safety glass which can provide impressive protection against smoke, flames and toxic glasses for up to 90 minutes. Pyrostem is an economical solution which works well within like-for-like restoration projects. With a thickness of 7 mm, the wired safety glass which is certified for use in steel and timber profiles and is fire tested to BS 476: Part 22:1987.

EW- Integrity and Radiation

Like E Classification, EW products effectively protect against the passage of flames and smoke. In addition, these products can also reduce the amount of heat transfer to below 15 kW/m2 (on the unexposed side). Two Pyroguard products that fall within this classification: Pyroguard Rapide and Pyroguard Firesafe.

With a thickness ranging from 7-11 mm, Pyroguard Rapide is a high-performance cuttable glass which offers advanced fire protection in internal and external applications. The glass requires no edge taping and can be cut by hand for quicker processing and easier installations.

Our Pyroguard Firesafe range features a lightweight monolithic solution which protects against the passage of flames, smoke and toxic gases whilst also offering radiation protection for up to 60 minutes. Available in a wider range of thicknesses than Pyroguard Rapide (6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm and 19 mm) these panes can be laminated for additional performance benefits. It is certified for use with many steel, timber and aluminium framing systems and is also available on short lead times.

EI- Integrity and Insulation

EI Classification provides the highest level of protection against flames, smoke and heat transfer.

Pyroguard Rapide Plus can provide protection against fire for 30-60 minutes (EI) and 60 minutes (EW). The cuttable glass is available in a thickness up to 27 mm and meets the 1B1 impact standards without the need for additional panes.

Pyroguard Protect can offer EW protection for up to 120 minutes and EI protection up to 180 minutes. Its maximum thickness is 82 mm making it ideal for impact resistance and provides acoustic controls. This bespoke solution is certified for use in steel, timber and aluminium profiles and provides impressive UV stability.

Pyroguard Infinity is a range of high-performance fire safety glass certified for butt-joint applications. Proven to provide EI protection for up to 60 minutes and can provide a seamless finish, ideal for internal applications (such as partitioning walls). Pyroguard Infinity allows for high-light transmission (up to 85%) and looks extremely similar to non-fire rated glass options.

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Manufacturing excellence

As a market leader, Pyroguard have extensive technical knowledge which underpins the production and ongoing development of all our 60 minute fire rated products. We supply fire-safety glass globally, for every type of project. With use in timber, steel and aluminium profiles, our products can be used within structural walls, doors, partitions, façades and much more.

We proudly boast a wealth of certification for our products. You can find out about all the latest product developments in our Technical Blog which features these successes as well as new product information and expert advice. For help regarding your next project, why not get in touch, or use our Product Selector Tool to discover the best product for your chosen application.

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