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Convento P.P Capuchinos San Antonio de Padua

Pyroguard’s expertise key on regeneration of historic Spanish convent

Pyroguard’s technical expertise recently proved vital on the regeneration of the Capuchino Convent de San Antonio de Padua in Spain; a project which required a careful balance between renovating the historic building, ensuring modern fire safety regulations were met and being respectful of the Convent’s heritage.

Capuchino Convent de San Antonio de Padua exterior

The Challenge

The project presented teams with many challenges, mainly how to work within the parameters of a historic building and bring it in line with modern-day regulations, all while simultaneously respecting its heritage and aesthetics.

When it came to the building’s compartmentation, an important part of any building’s passive fire protection strategy, the use of glass was key. To ensure that any new glazing was in keeping with the convent’s style and heritage, the Duramen System from AFVidrio was chosen – a timber frame with a varnished oak finish.


Capuchino Convent de San Antonio de Padua arched windows

The Solution

A bespoke EI120 fire resistance test was then carried out, using AFVidrio’s frame in collaboration with Pyroguard. This fire test was a critical phase of the project and provided assurances of the overall glazing system’s performance. Pyroguard’s expertise and technical knowledge was key in helping to design and pass the EI120 fire test, which featured its Pyroguard Protect fire safety glass.

Another challenge of working within historic buildings, as opposed to a new development, is having to adapt the building products to suit the existing structure. On the Capuchino Convent de San Antonio de Padua project, a selection of the glazing units were semi-circular doors and other shaped glass, rather than the standard rectangular panes. Here, Pyroguard again demonstrated its technical expertise, supplying bespoke glass components to suit the on-site framework.

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Capuchino Convent de San Antonio de Padua arched window

What the client said

“Undertaking any project with Pyroguard is a guarantee of success, Pyroguard provide you with confidence in terms of the product quality and local regulations. The knowledge and capabilities of Pyroguard’s technical team were instrumental in ensuring both a successful fire test and the subsequent on-site installation of the fire safety glass system. This and the quality of their fire safety glass all contributed to us meeting the end-client’s deadline in a timely manner. We were particularly impressed with the great light transmission that Pyroguard Protect glass delivered – a very important and valuable attribute within the fire safety glass market.”

Miguel Marin, AFVidrio

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