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Fire glass for healthcare

In healthcare facilities, the health and wellbeing of patients is naturally a priority. Fire safety glass plays a crucial role in compartmentalisation and protection of a building in the event of a fire. Where a fire strategy recommends a phased evacuation, or even a stay-put/refuge policy, due to the difficulty of moving patients, it is important to ensure the highest levels of protection for both the occupants and the building itself from smoke, fire and heat are achieved.

Fire Glass for Healthcare

Our EI (integrity and insulation) fire safety glass provides a robust barrier against smoke and fire, as well as the highest level of protection against radiant heat. In a fully tested and certified system it has the capability to keep the average temperature of the unexposed side below 140°C to allow for safe evacuation. The Pyroguard Protect range offers a range of EI classified options with up to 180-minute fire ratings.

In healthcare buildings, the need for natural light must also be balanced with the need for privacy. While integral blinds are one popular and hygienic option, our fire safety glass can also be installed in units with a counterpane of electrochromic (switchable) glass to deliver patient privacy at the press of a button. We also have SMART solutions to meet the required levels of acoustic control and impact resistance, as well as other specific installation considerations – just give our technical team a call and they’ll be more than happy to help you.

Fire Glass for Healthcare

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