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Pyroguard Marine
Fire duration icon

Fire duration 30-60 mins

Toughened icon

Product type Toughened

Thickness icon

Thickness 6-32mm

Weight icon

Weight 15 – 53kg/m2

Acoustic icon

Acoustic dB Up to 42dB

Impact protection icon

Impact protection 1B1, 1C1

Light transmission icon

Light transmission 82-90%

U-value icon

U-value 3.6 – 5.7kw/m2

Temp range icon

Temp Range +100 and -10/+45℃

Marine environments are amongst some of the most beautiful yet challenging on our planet…

The ever changing extremes in weather conditions and temperatures combined with noise reduction, impact and load bearing requirements demand for robust, high performance products to successfully cope with the pressures of such a setting.

Whether you’re looking for a solution for commercial vessels or luxury leisure cruisers, our toughened range of fire safety glass products can all be ‘Wheelmark’ certified and are well equipped to perform to the highest possible requirements.

About Pyroguard Marine

Classification: A-B

Fire Resistance: 30-60 mins

A range of toughened and gel-filled fire safety glass providing integrity only and integrity and insulation protection against the passage of flames, smoke and toxic gases from 30 to 60 minutes. The solutions provide 1B1 or 1C1 impact classification, high-performance acoustic properties and UV stability.

Marine Fire Safety Glass
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Solutions suitable for:

Pyroguard Marine - Cruise Ship

Passenger ships

Pyroguard Marine - Yacht


fire safety glass at sea - pyroguard marine

Offshore platforms

Pyroguard Marine - Boat

Carrier and container ships

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