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Tours Duo, Paris

Product: Pyroguard Protect Location: France

Pyroguard Protect makes the difference for prestigious Paris project: Tours Duo

Engineered to meet specific project requirements, Pyroguard’s range of toughened fire safety glass, Pyroguard Protect, in E30, EI60 and EI120, has been specified for one of the most daring architectural creations ever imagined in Paris: Tours Duo.

Multifunctional Fire Glass - Toughened

The Challenge

Installed within the reception hall and circulation areas of the two towers, Pyroguard Protect, which was chosen by fire protection specialists, Pyrometal, has helped architect Ateliers Jean Nouvel achieve his ambitious vision, without compromising on safety.

Following the successful testing, Pyroguard Protect was installed throughout DUO-1 and DUO-2.

In the reception hall, Pyroguard Protect EI120 was fitted inside PYROTEK steel profiles to form full height glass partitions and in the circulation areas on each floor, around 690 square metres of E30 was used inside double-leaf doors with EI60 glass partitions.

The same was also used in the corridor doors as a means of compartmentation, which connects various areas to the stairs and lift landings.

Tours Duo, Paris - Fire Safety Glass Case Study

The Solution

Tours Duo rises on a former industrial site on the edge of the River Seine in the Paris Rive Gauche district and at 180 m, DUO-1 is set to be the third tallest building in the capital.

The pair of towers, DUO-1 and DUO-2, which lean to form an impressive asymmetrical ‘V’, will house offices, retail spaces, restaurants, a hotel and a top floor panoramic bar.

In the design of the mixed-use scheme, Ateliers Jean Nouvel was tasked to create high performing, aesthetically striking buildings and as such, decided to take a bioclimatic approach to reduce energy use and make the most of the outdoor weather conditions.

Giving the best protection for people and property, Pyroguard Protect provides integrity and heat insulation for 30 to 180 minutes (EI classification).

The solution also provides 1B1 impact classification without the need for additional counterpanes, high performing acoustic properties and peace of mind throughout the lifespan of the product due to its UV stability.

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Tours Duo, Paris - Fire Safety Glass Case Study

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