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Cuttable fire safety glass

Our distribution team is here to assist stockists, trade and industrial clients in selecting, purchasing, selling and exporting our high quality fire resistant glazing.

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Pyroguard Advance

A range of stockable and cuttable fire safety glass which provides the full range of protection from 30 minutes integrity and radiant heat reduction to 60 minutes heat insulation.

Pyroguard Advance offers cuttable EI products at market leading thicknesses with exceptional fire protection at larger sizes.  This unique ‘next generation’ product offers superior levels of UV stability, excellent light transmission and is easy to process and install.

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Pyroguard Advance

Pyroguard Rapide Plus

A range of cuttable fire safety glass which provides integrity and heat insulation for 30 and 60 minutes (EI Classification). This stockable product provides application flexibility into timber, steel and aluminium framing systems and 1B1 impact performance at short lead times.

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Oxford Academy Entrance

Pyroguard Rapide

A range of cuttable fire safety glass which provides integrity and radiant heat reduction for 30 and 60 minutes (EW Classification). A market leader for ease of processing and installation, much of the range can be cut by hand with no additional preparation. A trusted solution in the market for over 20 years, this range offers short lead times and exceptional visual quality.

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Silverstone Fire Safety Glass Exteiror


Entry-level cuttable, wired fire safety glass which provides integrity only protection against the passage of flames, smoke and toxic gases for 30 and 60 minutes (E Classification). Used in like-for-like refurbishment projects demanding an economical glass with the appearance and performance of Georgian polished wired.

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Pyrostem Wired Glass


We’re members of some of the leading organisations in the glazing, architecture and construction sectors, so you can be confident that our fire safety glass is developed in line with the latest technological advancements, safety regulations and quality standards.

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Standards & Regulations

Below are some of the standards and regulations we enable our customers to comply with:

  • Approved Document B
  • Approved Document K
  • Approved Document L
  • BS EN 12600: Glass in building – impact test method and classification for flat glass
  • BS 6262-4: Code of practice for glazing for buildings – Part 4: Safety related to human impact
  • BS 6180: Barriers in and about buildings – Code of practice.

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To find your nearest stockist of our cuttable products, you can use our Find a stockist tool. Contact us to for further advice or to discuss your next project.

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