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Gulf Bank Headquarters

Product: Pyroguard Protect Location: Algeria

Pyroguard provides a multi-functional solution for Algeria Gulf Bank HQ

Seveme’s expertise in metal structure works combined with Pyroguard’s multi-functional range of toughened fire safety glass, Pyroguard Protect, enabled the build of the new Algeria Gulf Bank headquarters.

Gulf Bank Headquarters - Fire Safety Glass Case Study

The Challenge

Through the informed specification of additional counterpanes, the curtain wall of this futuristic building was able to achieve an EI120 fire rating, as well as effective solar control. Meanwhile in the internal lobby, where safety and style were key, a unique composition that combined both requirements was used.

Tasked with designing, manufacturing and installing the external glass façades was specialists, Seveme. Miguel Sousa, Project Director, commented: “There were a number of factors that needed to be considered for this project. Firstly, because it is a bank, the building requires high levels of safety and security. As a country in North Africa, Algeria experiences high temperatures all year round therefore solar control was also important for the external application. The main challenge for us during the planning phase was to source a glazing system that could meet both of these specific requirements.”

Gulf Bank Headquarters - Fire Safety Glass Case Study

The Solution

Approximately 800 square metres of the Pyroguard T-EI120 glass panes with the solar control layer was installed inside fire rated steel curtain wall, which will provide the lift shaft with integrity and heat insulation for 120 minutes in the event of a fire. It also delivers 1B1 impact classification, UV stability and strong acoustic performance.

Moving inside the building, the well thought-out design offers the end users spacious and high-quality modern facilities.

In the lobby on the ground floor, Seveme installed the same Pyroguard Protect product in the internal partitions. However, in place of a solar control counterpane, a black tinted screen was used for a decorative effect in line with the architect’s interior vision.

This once again demonstrated the multi-functional benefits of the flexible Pyroguard toughened range and proved that safety does not need to compromise on aesthetics.

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Gulf Bank Headquarters Interior - Fire Safety Glass Case Study

What the client said

This was the first project that Seveme had undertaken with Pyroguard and it was a pleasure to work with them from beginning to end. The team advised us on the composition of the products and were able to manufacture them according to the bespoke requirements needed. They also supported us to obtain the necessary certificates and approvals.

Mr Miguel Sousa, Project Director at Seveme