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Fire rated partitions

High performance partitions

Pyroguard Infinity is not just aesthetically pleasing, but also extremely functional. The whole range has an EI Classification (Integrity and Insulation).

This classification means the glass partitions offer the highest level of protection from flames, smoke and heat. Pyroguard fire rated partitions will prevent the passage of flames through the glass, whilst also restricting the temperature rising in the unexposed areas. Infinity fire rated partitions have also been tested against EN 12600:2002-1B1 impact classifications.

Commercial Fire Safety Glass - Atrium

Sustainable fire rated partitions

We understand that sustainability continues to be a driving force behind many interior design choices and it is important that all materials used meet LEED and BREEAM accreditations.

In support of this, our entire range of fire rated glass products have an independently verified Environmental Product Declaration (EPD). An EPD is generated based on an assessment of a product’s lifecycle, in line with EN 15804, ISO 14025 and other international standards.

Sustainable Solutions

Why choose Pyroguard fire rated partitions

For over 30 years, Pyroguard have specialised in manufacturing high performance fire rated glass products for the global market. Our expertise has allowed us to create a wide range of toughened, laminated and monolithic fire safety glass solutions.

All our products are independently tested and our local technicians work closely with you to select the right solution for your requirements. For more information, contact our team who are always on hand to answer your questions or use our online product selector to quickly and easily find the right solution for you.

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