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30 minute fire rated safety glass

Pyroguard’s wide range of toughened and processable fire safety glass can offer protection from flames, smoke and heat for 30 minutes or longer. We also offer the option of a multi-functional system, allowing you to include many additional performance characteristics such as solar control or acoustic reduction and attack resistance. Our 30 minute fire safety glass products are suitable for both internal and external applications in double glazed installations.

royal holloway fire glass case study

Our 30 minute fire rated safety glass products

Pyroguard have produced and perfected a wide range of fire safety glass utilising various manufacturing techniques and ideal for a wide range of applications. These include laminated fire safety glass which is cuttable and offers impressive light transmission, and monolithic solutions. This monolithic solution provides a toughened fire safety glass for superior safety and impact resistance, UV stability and stunning visual quality.

All of our fire safety glass products can protect against fire and smoke for a minimum of 30 minutes, with some safeguarding from fire for up to 180 minutes. Each product receives a classification through product testing. With ranging levels of protection, there is a Pyroguard fire safety glass for any project.

E – Integrity

The E – Integrity classification includes our Pyroguard Firesafe. Also offering impressive protection against flames, smoke and toxic gases this product utilises the monolithic solution. This allows for high visual quality and is available on short lead times.

Also included within this classification is our Pyrostem product, which offers protection from 30 to 90 minutes. This is an entry level product which provides reliable protection against flames, smoke and toxic gases, but not heat. The wired fire safety glass is cuttable and a good choice for like-for-like refurbishment projects.

EW – Integrity & Radiation

Alongside the E Classification (30 minutes resistance to flames and smoke), EW classified products additionally reduces the transmission of heat, ensuring radiated heat is less than 15 kW/m2. Together with Pyroguard Firesafe, Pyroguard Rapide offers this impressive level of fire safety performance.

Pyroguard Rapide is also a cuttable product, making processing and installation extremely easy. For this reason, this product has been a trusted solution in the market for over 30 years.

EI – Integrity & Insulation

Products within the EI category offer the highest level of protection, offering fire safety from 30 minutes to 180 minutes for some products. Our Pyroguard Protect and Rapide Plus provide integrity and heat insulation for timber, steel and aluminium applications, whilst Pyroguard Infinity is also certified for butt-joint applications.

Multi-functional fire safety glass

In addition to excellent fire safety, Pyroguard fire rated glass can be used in conjunction with any specialist counterpanes. This enables a multi-functional system to be created, for example additional solar control or thermal insulation. Enjoy total flexibility and tailor the Pyroguard range to your bespoke project requirements.


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You’re in safe hands

Pyroguard have over 30 years of industry know-how and technical experience, which has been proven over and over again through continuous improvement, innovation and assisting specifiers in bringing a wide range of fire safe glass solutions into reality for projects across the globe. Our products can be used in a wide range of timber, steel and aluminium applications for windows, doors, partitioning and much more. We also hold a wealth of test evidence, proving product success in a range of situations.

Our passion for fire rated glass is what sets us apart. Our technical team are always on hand to offer expert help and advice, or use our Product Selector tool to discover the perfect solution for your upcoming project.

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