Pyroguard Stocking Guidelines

If your company is a quality distributor or processor of fire glass, we’re looking to hear from you. Partnerships are available for companies who can stock our flagship 7mm Pyroguard EW30 Impact glass. We want to share the benefits of one of our most popular products with reputable partners, who will enjoy access to all our technical information, test evidence and regulatory knowledge

Storing and cutting

Our stockists need to be able to store glass either in their original end-cap cases, or when unpacked, on suitable racks, in dry indoor areas away from direct sunlight.

Stockists will need to have capacity to cut the glass to required size, which is a simple process with this product. Pyroguard EW30 Impact can be cut on a laminated glass cutting table or by scoring the glass by hand on each side and then snapping through. In some climatic conditions, the resin layer may need the application of additional heat to separate and cut.

All glasses should be washed and dried as soon as possible after cutting to remove any chance of surface damage.

Edge taping is not required for the finished size glasses of Pyroguard EW30, providing the glazed edges will always remain dry (such as in interior glazing or in a drained or fully bedded external situation). If there is any chance that the glass edge may be in constant contact with moisture or in high humidity, a protective metal foil edge tape should be applied to all edges before glazing.


All processors and distributors of Pyroguard EW fire resistant glasses who sell within or into a country where the CE Mark is mandatory are required to have a licence to do so issued by Pyroguard. For CE Marking, distributors of Pyroguard EW must comply with EN 14449, which means finished sizes of glass panes must adhere to the dimensional tolerances stated in EN ISO 12543-5 or that stated by the customer.

Read more about CE Marking.

To comply with EN 14449 for CE marking, a recorded check for all dimensions must be completed on one finished cut piece of glass per day. It is also necessary to check the visual appearance of the finished product at least once per day to the criteria set out in EN ISO 12543-6.

We recommend that records are kept which include the unique sheet number together with the size and destination of all cut glass pieces.

If you are interested in stocking Pyroguard products and would like to know more about what’s required, feel free to contact one of our dedicated fire glass experts, who can answer any of your queries.