Fire Duration

30-60 mins

Product Type





15 - 53kg/m2

Acoustic dB

Up to 42dB

Impact Protection

1B1, 1C1

Light Transmission



3.6 - 5.7kw/m2

Temp Range

+100 and -10/+45℃


Enhanced performance glass

Classification: A&B

Fire Resistance: 30-60 mins

A range of toughened and gel-filled fire-rated safety glass providing integrity only and integrity and insulation protection against the passage of flames, smoke and toxic gases from 30 to 60 minutes. The solution provides 1B1 or 1C1 impact classification, high-performance acoustic properties and UV stability.


  • Available in options ranging from 6 mm to 32 mm thicknesses
  • Suitable for both internal and external applications
  • Suitable for use with steel and aluminium profiles
  • Specifically developed for the demands of marine and offshore applications including; passenger ships, yachts, specialist vessels and container ships


  • A and B Classification
  • 30 - 60 mins


  • Toughened fire-rated safety glass
  • Maximum manufactured size: 2400 mm x 4000 mm
  • High performance - impact tested and certified to EN12600:2002
  • Bespoke solutions, including butt-joint applications
  • A + B classification providing protection from fire, heat and smoke
  • Exceptional visual quality
  • Fully UV stable
  • Large certified pane dimensions


  • Versatile and flexible to your design requirements
  • Provides optimum (Class A2) level of reaction to fire
  • Multi-functional compositions give you flexible solutions
  • Noise reduction qualities
  • Robust and suitable for the demands in marine environments

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