Nuestra Señora del Pilar – Pyroguard Protect Zaragoza, Spain

Pyroguard supports refurbishment of Nuestra Señora del Pilar a Psychosocial Rehabilitation Centre

To achieve this intricate balance between functionality, safety and design, material specification was key to the project’s success.

As a broadly-used material in modern construction, glass was selected to equip the facility with functional and fire-safe spaces for its diverse variety of needs, in addition to enabling natural light to flood each room and enhance the wellbeing of occupants.

As we were responsible for supplying and installing these solutions throughout the building, working with Pyroguard to ensure the most appropriate glazing was used streamlined the process. Of course, as well as installing the most appropriate solutions to meet the project’s specific needs, getting that work done on time was of critical importance.

Emmanuel Garcia Guêtre of Eurofire

The Solution - To fulfill these unique requirements, Pyroguard was able to provide more than 60m2 of Pyroguard Protect T-EI120/47-3 and Pyroguard Protect T-EI60/25-3 for use in a series of fire doors and partitions throughout the building. Providing resistance to flames, smoke and radiant heat for up to 120 minutes, the toughened solution – specified by Eurofire – fulfills the fire-safety requirements of the project by protecting critical escape routes, while facilitating the modern design ambitions of the refurbishment.

In practice, the inclusion of glazed fire doors and partitions throughout the building does more than fulfill fire safety requirements. With its additional qualities – including acoustic protection and high levels of light transmission – Pyroguard’s solution supports the broader wellbeing requirements of the refurbishment.

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