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Smoke control glass

In the event of a fire, smoke poses an extremely harmful and sometimes fatal threat. In fact, the majority of fire-related deaths are caused by smoke inhalation and toxic fumes produced, as opposed to the flames themselves (Home Office). This is why smoke control systems are vital to redirect smoke and protect the public long enough for them to escape the building.

smoke control glass

Smokeguard – Glass smoke control solution

To help protect buildings and their occupants from harmful smoke and toxic gases, Pyroguard developed Smokeguard, a cost-effective alternative to mechanical smoke curtains. Due to the product’s structural integrity and toughened monolithic composition, this alternative glass smoke control solution can be handled with ease and installed in the most challenging of applications with minimal risk of breakage. Furthermore, Smokeguard provides significant cost reductions versus mechanical smoke curtains through lower initial investment costs, zero ongoing maintenance and no maximum lifespan.

Slim, stainless steel brackets and a pane thickness of just 8 mm allow it to blend seamlessly with the interior design of the building without compromising on visual appearance. What’s more, screen printing, acid etching and special shapes and cut-outs are available to allow Smokeguard to fit flawlessly into most architectural designs.

Certified smoke control glass

Smokeguard is tested to BS 7346 and EN 12101-1 safety standards and is certified for 30 and 60 minutes. This smoke control solution also complies with EN 12150-1 requirements for thermally toughened soda lime silicate safety glass and has impact classifications to EN 12600:2002 – 1C1. Smokeguard is approved by Efectis France, an independent third-party assessor of fire safety glass products and systems with over 70 years of experience.

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About Pyroguard

Pyroguard is part of the Technical Fire Safety Group, and the world’s leading independent provider of fire safety glass for timber, steel and aluminium applications. Architects, specifiers and installers choose Pyroguard products to help fulfil their vision of creating safe and beautiful working spaces.

With over 30 years of proven industry experience, Pyroguard can help you select the right product for the right application. We can provide you with the ultimate peace of mind through dedicated technical advice and support all backed up with a vast range of certifications, test evidence, product information, and online tools to ensure the right Pyroguard product is chosen to meet fire performance and system specifications.

For all the latest technical information please visit our blog or for further information or support you can get in touch or use our online product selector tool to browse further options.

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