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Pyroguard Protect excels UV durability tests to 10,000 hours!

Pyroguard Protect, our toughened fire safety glass has been put under the spotlight, revealing exceptional UV durability providing results that outperform the requirements in Test Standards EN 12543 and EN 14449.

UV Durability Testing

EN 12543 is the test method for the durability of both laminated and laminated safety glass.

The purpose of this test is to determine whether exposure of laminated glass to UV and visible radiation over an extended period of time produces any appreciable change in its properties. This change is determined by the levels of light transmission and the occurrence of any bubbles, delamination and cloudiness.

Recognising the importance of UV performance we’ve put Pyroguard Protect through its paces with some extended independent testing at the TÜV Rheinland laboratory in The Netherlands. We’re delighted to share that all samples tested were unaffected by increased UV exposure, even after an impressive 10,000 hours! That’s 8,000 hours longer, or 5 times over the current 2,000 hours specified in EN Standards.

This remarkable result demonstrates our commitment to ongoing product innovation and shows that with the correct technical expertise it is possible to achieve adequate fire protection combined with exceptional performance.

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