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Largest timber test success with Pyroguard Protect EW60

As part of our continued developments to push boundaries and increase test sizes, we’re delighted to share we can now provide even more solutions for timber applications with Pyroguard Protect.

Pyroguard Protect EW60 Timber Test Image (1)

Featuring our largest EW rated timber portrait panel to date, the range covers the following scope:

Construction type: Partition walls

Fire ratings: EW30, EW60

Glass types: Pyroguard T-EW/15-1 (largest tested pane size: 1500 x 3150 mm)

Frame: Softwood timber

After comfortably meeting the test requirements we now have the opportunity to provide greater flexibility for partitions walls in timber applications.

For further information, or to discuss how we can help you with your next project, please contact us.

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