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Pyroguard welcomes Glass Chamber Holland

Members of Glass Chamber Holland, the entrepreneurial organisation which represents construction and infrastructure companies in the Netherlands, have been welcomed by Pyroguard during their visit to the UK.

Pyroguard Conference to welcome Glass Chamber Holland

As part of their visit, which took place between 19th and 21st September, members were invited to tour Pyroguard’s headquarters to see the leading production facility for themselves and discuss current industry trends with members of the team. Alongside their plant tour, Glass Chamber members were also shown around nearby St Helens to discover the heritage of the UK’s glass production, including a trip to the World of Glass.

Jason Walker, Group Sales Director at Pyroguard, said: “We were delighted to host the visiting members of Glass Chamber Holland on their visit to the UK this year. Our operations stretch across Europe, as well as selected regions globally, so the Chamber’s visit sparked some interesting discussions with other players in the industry, including conversations around some of the trends which are anticipated to have an impact in the coming years.

“Their trip also presented the perfect opportunity for us to showcase the wonderful history of the UK’s glass industry, as well as our own facility which proudly operates from Haydock – which remains the beating heart of our industry.”

Glass Chamber Holland – part of Bouwend Nederland – is a member organisation which represents the interests of organisations operating in the construction and infrastructure sectors at local, regional, national and European levels. As well as developing a culture of innovation for the industry, members get access to free advice and support with business operations amongst a host of other benefits – including visits to leading manufacturing sites across Europe.

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