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Collaboration is key

It goes without saying that fire safety is of the highest importance in any building – but it is the support of manufacturers that can make all the difference when it comes to getting the strategy right. Here, Andy Lake, Sales Director UK & Ireland at Pyroguard, explains why collaborating with your fire safety glass manufacturer is key to a successful project.

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Providing a safe and visually appealing glazing solution, advanced technology now enables fire safety glass to be used in a variety of building applications, whether it’s in windows, doors, curtain walling, corridors or as internal partitions. No matter where the glass is incorporated, getting the specification and requirements right is absolutely crucial. In fact, all too often we see fire safety glass being put into a system that isn’t compatible, which could pose a serious danger to both people and property. Therefore, engaging with a specialist fire safety glass manufacturer at the early stages of a project is highly recommended in order to ensure that the system designed is optimised and fit for purpose, which in turn will provide peace of mind for both you and your client.

Here’s a list of just some of the factors you should consider when looking to establish a relationship with a fire safety glass manufacturer.

Experts in their field
Looking for a manufacturer that has a well-established technical team is important as they will be the ones that will take away the pressure of getting it right on your own. Liaising with these experts enables you to receive the full support and backing of those who work with and handle the intricacies of fire safety glass day in, day out. Manufacturers that specialise in the production of fire safety glass often have teams who will have been in the field for decades, when combined, meaning that you can draw on an abundance of experience and knowledge from the very start. They can provide you with advice, guidance and answer any questions or queries that you may have – and if they don’t know the answer, somebody else in the team most certainly will!

Backed by test data
Fire testing is critical in the construction industry and it is important that you look for a manufacturer that is committed to constantly testing their products, both new and existing, to ensure that they are continuing to meet – and exceed – the ever-changing regulatory and legislative requirements. Due to this extensive testing, which is backed by the relevant certification, it is likely that manufacturers will have what you’re looking for when you approach them for a certain type of product. However, if you’re working on a project that requires bespoke sizing and application methods, manufacturers are also able to develop specific testing and certification to ensure that there is always a solution for your challenge.

Putting the customer first
Customer service should always be at the forefront of any business and by working closely with your fire safety glass manufacturer, relationships can be built and maintained. From the minute you make an enquiry, through to technical advice, placing an order and organising the logistics of glass to site, as well as after-sales and on-site support, manufacturers prioritise on delivering the best possible experience for their customers. In doing so, a relationship can be formed where you know you can always rely on them.

A solution for every project
Every project is unique, therefore a manufacturer that can offer the largest portfolio of solutions will ensure that the right solution is provided for your project every time. Whether you’re looking for cuttable glass or bespoke toughened glass to suit the client’s specification, a manufacturer that is capable of providing both will present you with more options. So, whether you’re looking for fire safety glass to replace ordinary glazing in a school atrium, or a product that provides multi-functional benefits such as acoustic properties and solar control for a high-rise multi-occupancy building, seek the support of a specialist fire safety glass manufacturer.

No geographical limits
While most of your projects are likely to be based in the UK and Ireland, you may also have project teams overseas. More and more, manufacturers are expanding their presence in other territories and now have the ability to work with customers internationally through dedicated local support. By working with an independent manufacturer that is strategically placed all over the globe, wherever you have a challenge that requires fire safety glass, you can rest assure that you and your team will still receive the same excellent level of customer service.

With all of the above in mind, establishing a relationship with a manufacturer’s technical and sales team puts you in safe hands to achieve a fit-for-purpose fire safety glass system that will comply with a building’s fire protection strategy and meet the required building regulations and legislative requirements.

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