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Breathing new life into office space

In any modern office space, employees are front of mind. That means creating vibrant, light-filled spaces which not only stimulate work to drive greater levels of productivity, but also maximise levels of safety throughout to adhere to fire safety regulations. Those challenges are even greater when refurbishing an existing building, particularly when it comes to achieving adequate fire safety. Here, we explore how one of India’s leading telecommunications companies was able to navigate these challenges when refurbishing their headquarters.

Fire Rated Doors

As a multinational business and leading employer within the region, the telecommunications giant was keen to lead the way in India’s fire safety standards, equipping its employees with both a comfortable and safe working environment. At the heart of this mission was the challenge of balancing the practical everyday needs of employees with the safety standards required of modern commercial buildings.

To solve that challenge, we – together with local partners, Pacific Fire Controls – were able to play an integral role by providing fire-rated safety glass specifically for the project.

Balancing practicality with safety

In recent years, fire glazing has come a long way and is now used in projects around the world to create aesthetically pleasing, practical and safe environments. Gone are the days of traditional wired fire-rated glazing, with modern production developments enabling the creation of large expanses of glass which provide essential protection from flames, smoke, and radiant heat.

Using Pyroguard T EW 120, a toughened safety glass from the Pyroguard Integrity Plus range which is capable of delivering radiant heat, smoke and flame protection for up to 120 minutes, the ambition of creating a light-filled workspace for employees could be realised. The glazing’s light transmission characteristics meant natural light could be maximised, while its sound reduction reflected the needs of the busy office. Having been fire-tested by Efectis France and certified for use with timber frames, we were able to facilitate the installation of modern dividing walls to create break-out spaces, facilitating meetings and collaborative working – while still keeping safety in mind.

Combined with fire doors of the same style and design, those dividing walls enabled adequate compartmentation to be achieved, providing protection and means of escape for occupants in the event of a fire without compromising on the aesthetics of the newly-refurbished office space.

So, by combining modern production capabilities with cutting edge design, we were able to help our client achieve an office space which leads the way for fire safety in India, delivering spaces which meet the needs of modern business while always keeping the safety of occupants in mind.

To discover more about Pyroguard’s Integrity Plus range, and other fire-glass solutions contact us.

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