Timber fire door tests see Pyroguard glass excel

New test evidence released by the Government, overwhelmingly demonstrates the effective performance of timber fire doors in the UK

As part of new test evidence recently released by the Government, which overwhelmingly demonstrates the effective performance of timber fire doors in the UK, the strong performance of Pyroguard’s fire safety glass has also been highlighted.

Carried out following the Grenfell Tower disaster – after which it was discovered fire doors had failed tests in just 15 minutes – testing began in October 2018 of timber fire doors from 25 different manufacturers. Of those tested to British Standard BS-476:223, two units housed Pyroguard’s 7mm fire-rated glass, both of which exceeded the requirements of the 30-minute test with no signs of failure.

Commenting on the results of the tests, Richard Ainsworth, Group Technical Director at Pyroguard, said:

“The recent test results announced by the Government go a long way to reassuring people of the strong performance of timber fire doors in the UK – from architects and specifiers through to building managers and occupants. For Pyroguard, the results of the stringent testing process have also demonstrated the excellent performance of our fire-rated glass which was installed in two of the doors tested. In both cases, the timber fire doors with Pyroguard glass vision panels excelled, passing the required 30-minute standard.

“That’s something we’re incredibly proud of. When developing any fire-safety solution, safety is our primary concern, ensuring every product meets or exceeds the necessary regulatory requirements so that safety can always be counted on in the event of a fire. That’s not a standard we only hold ourselves to either – we ensure that each of our partners is driven by the same purpose to deliver on fire safety.”

The testing of timber fire doors was carried out by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government in a UKAS accredited test house on complete door sets to independently verify the performance of timber fire doors in the UK.

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