Pyroguard has a long and colourful history, one that has led the company to become a leading name in fire rated glazing.

Pyroguard is an independent manufacturer of fire resistant glass for the architectural and construction industries. The company manufactures and supplies high performance fire glass tailored to a wide variety of requirements, enabling architects, specifiers, contractors and construction professionals to meet all their fire safety glazing requirements via a single source.

CGI International

Formerly known as Northern Wired Glass and Colebrand, CGI International was formed after it took over these organisations back in 1988.

The company’s initial production focus was on wired glass, but over time CGI began to investigate a more aesthetically pleasing, yet still robust, glazing product. Through in-depth research and testing, CGI developed a clear fire resistant glass, which, as it developed over time, would become the Pyroguard range. Since its inception, Pyroguard has continued to develop and test the possibilities for different fire glass applications, resulting in its current position as an industry leader among independent fire glass producers.

Originally based in St Helens, Pyroguard moved its production facilities to Haydock in Merseyside in 2002. The company’s initial target markets were the UK, Ireland and the Netherlands. However, demand for Pyroguard’s high specification fire glass has increased, and the company now reaches customers directly, and via suppliers, in France, Germany, Scandinavia and worldwide.

In 2012, CGI International acquired a French manufacturer of fire resistant glass, and created Pyroguard France, which operates from its base in Seingbouse in the east of France. The company’s European customer base is now thriving, with more than half of its revenues originating from export.


In January 2015, we formalised the use of Pyroguard as our main trading name, with Pyroguard UK Limited and Pyroguard France SARL replacing CGI International and CGI France.

More than a name change, our new values will signify a major shift in the way we support you to achieve your safety requirements and design ambitions.

Pyroguard continues to orient its research and development around the improvement and extension of the Pyroguard and Pyroguard T ranges. This in-depth and independent research received a significant boost following the acquisition of our own fire testing laboratory, based on our French site. This facility, with its state-of-the-art equipment and dedicated team of fire safety and glazing experts, enables our research and development team to push forward innovation in the field of high performing, aesthetically stunning fire glass solutions.

Pyroguard aims to continue its growth and expand its territories to supply complete fire glass solutions to specifiers across Europe. To this end, the company has made large investments in technical support.

All of Pyroguard’s technical advisors – on both our Projects Team and our Distribution Team – are able to give quality and accurate advice to customers, and are knowledgeable not just about Pyroguard glazing systems, but also the legislation regulating them and the different types of framing applications in which they can be used.

We offer insightful, comprehensive and unbiased advice that is tailored to our clients’ requirements – something that our size and independent status enables. Pyroguard prides itself on its flexibility and responsiveness, with its locations and processes enabling the shortest possible lead times without any sacrifice of quality. No matter what changes and developments lie ahead, Pyroguard is committed to being First in Fire Glass.

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