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New solutions available from Pyroguard with Ottostumm |Mogs W40 steel systems

We’ve recently gained a series of new test evidence with Pyroguard Protect and Pyroguard Firesafe in collaboration with metal house, Ottostumm |Mogs providing new solutions in steel applications for doors and partitions.

Ottostumm Mogs W40 steel systems

Warringtonfire have approved the Ottostumm W40 FR steel system with the following features:

Construction types: Fixed partitions, single leaf and double leaf doors (latched and unlatched). Partitions and door sets are approved up to a height of 4 metres based on a BS-Assessment.

Fire ratings: E30, E60, E90 and E120

Glass Types: Pyroguard T-E30/6, Pyroguard T-E30/8, Pyroguard T-E30/10, Pyroguard T-EW30/15-1, Pyroguard T-EW60/15-1, Pyroguard T-EW90/15-1 and Pyroguard T-EW120/15-1

Ottostumm’s slimline system W40 FR combined with Pyroguard’s fire safety glass offers increased flexibility meaning building safety does not need to be compromised when looking for contemporary aesthetics.

For more information, or to discuss how we can help with your next project, please contact us.

Pyroguard Protect 

Pyroguard Firesafe


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