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First ECO50 double door test success with Jansen and Pyroguard Protect

Our recent collaboration with Jansen brings new success with our first double door test featuring the Jansen Janisol Economy 50 profile system and Pyroguard Protect EW60.

Jansen ECO50 Doors

The test took place at the Applus laboratory in Spain and featured Pyroguard T-EW/13-1 with the following characteristics:

  • Specimen dimensions: 3950 x 2950 mm
  • Framing system: Jansen Economy 50
  • Specimen construction: Double door with side light
  • Free passage: approx. 2500 x 2800 mm
  • Fire direction: Beads to fire; opening away from furnace


  • Side light T-EW60/13-1 panes 1257 x 2857 mm
  • Door lights T-EW60/13-1 pane 1142 x 2749 mm

This is the first time Pyroguard Protect EW60 has been tested in an Economy 50 double door system and we’re proud to confirm it comfortably met the target requirements, achieving E90 meaning we can offer new solutions in steel applications for double doors.

For more information, or to discuss how we can help with your next project, please contact us.


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