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Fire rated safety glass FAQs

Your questions answered

As the world’s leading independent provider of fire safety glass for timber, steel and aluminium applications we are here to answer your questions on fire rated safety glass.

Please note, the answers supplied here provide a brief, generic overview. They should not in any way be used to specify and select products. For further information and support on specific fire safety glass systems, please contact our team.

fire rated glass faqs

What is fire rated glass?

Fire rated glass, or fire resistant glass, is specialist glass that can provide specific durations of protection against fire. The degree of protection depends on the type of fire glass and its classification. Fire glass classifications are proven during a fire resistance test and then are certified via an independent third-party test facility.

Who needs fire rated glass?

Fire rated glass is typically used in public buildings, schools, office buildings, leisure facilities and even on board cruise ships and offshore – in fact anywhere a fire barrier is required to help facilitate the safe evacuation and preservation of life and buildings in the unfortunate event of a fire.

Compliance with the minimum standards of fire safety laid out in the UK Building Regulations is a must. Specifying the correct type of fire safety glass ensures you meet the required levels of protection for both people and property.

How can I be sure fire rated glass is effective?

Pyroguard is the world’s leading independent provider of fire safety glass for timber, steel and aluminium applications.  

With over 30 years’ industry experience, we can help you select the right product for the right application. We can provide you with ultimate peace of mind through dedicated technical advice and support backed up with a vast range of certifications, test evidence, product information, and online tools to ensure the right product is chosen to meet fire performance and system specifications.

Pyroguard products are UKCA/CE marked and registered under ISO 9001 and ISO 14001

You can view our fire glass certifications here or read about the latest test results here.  

How much does fire rated glass cost?

The cost of fire resistant glass varies depending on each project and classification required. Each product and fire glass system needs to be individually specified and quoted for individual projects. This allows Pyroguard to deliver the best possible solutions to our customers. 

What are the different classifications of fire rated glass?

There are three classifications of fire rated glass: these are applicable to each duration of 30, 60, 90 and 120 mins.

  • E – Integrity
  • EW – Radiation Control
  • EI – Integrity & Insulation 

The UK Building Regulations set out requirements for both integrity (E) and insulation (EI). Pyroguard’s range of market-leading fire safety glass offers intermediate classification above the minimum requirement of E, offering an additional layer of protection with radiation control (EW).

You can find out more about the difference between E and EI fire safety glass here.

How long can fire rated glass protect against fire?

The length of protection against fire depends on the classification of fire rated glass. Our EI classified products can deliver effective protection against fire for up to 180 minutes.

Where can Pyroguard fire rated glass be installed?

As specialists in fire safety glass, Pyroguard manufactures and supplies the widest range of tested and certified bespoke system solutions on the market. These can be used in applications such as façades, atria, fire doors, composite doors, screens, partitions, and spandrel panels, but must always be part of a certified system.

You can find out more here

What sectors do Pyroguard work with?

As the leading supplier of fire safety glass, we work with a range of sectors to deliver fire safety as well as beautiful designs. Some sectors include, Leisure, Healthcare, Commercial, Education, Transport and Marine.

You can view the projects we have delivered for these sectors here

Do Pyroguard supply fire safety glass directly to homeowners?

No, Pyroguard does not supply domestic fire glass to home owners directly, but does supply its products internationally via regional networks of approved stockists and processors for cuttable and processable products and also via specification sales to the construction projects market.

How do I know what specification I need for my project?

Use our project questionnaire or our product selector to ensure we match the best product specification to your project following guidance from the appropriate Building Regulations. Alternatively, contact a member of our team for further advice or support.

Where do Pyroguard currently supply fire rated glass?

We supply our fire rated glass internationally and have a presence in the UK, France, The Netherlands, Scandinavia, Germany, Spain, Italy, North America and the Middle East, so wherever in the world you are based, and whatever your project, we have the ability and knowledge to help you.  

You’re in safe hands.

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