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Sustainable fire safety glass: how Pyroguard fit the brief

In modern construction sustainability is leading the way; whether this to meet LEED or BREEAM criteria or to contribute towards sustainability efforts that are at the forefront of projects. Here we look at how Pyroguard are helping to create sustainable fire safety glass systems.

sustainable fire safety glass - fire rated doors

Making fire safety glass systems sustainable

Environmental Product Declaration

At Pyroguard, we have issued an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), spanning our entire range of Pyroguard T solutions. EPDs are based on an analysis of a product’s life cycle, including its environmental performance, from the extraction of raw materials through to production and processing.

Our EPD reflects our commitment to sustainability and assures architects and specifiers of the environmental impact of the Pyroguard T range. Consequently, it supports projects to achieve certifications such as LEED and BREEAM as well as meeting the sustainability expectations for clients without compromising on fire safety and performance.

The EPD has been independently verified to be in accordance with the requirements of EN15804, and is published on the GreenBookLive online database. You can view our certification here.

Multi-functional fire safety glass

While the main purpose of fire safety glass systems is of course fire safety, our fire glass products are multi-functional improving sound transmission, safety, privacy and solar control in addition to enhanced fire performance.

In fact, our fire safety glass solutions can also be specified alongside any other chosen specialist glass counterpane to deliver thermal insulation without compromising on fire performance. This in itself can make buildings more energy efficient and sustainable delivering additional benefits to already enhanced fire safety glass.

Framing systems

While our fire safety glass can enhance sustainability efforts, the systems in which fire glass is installed must also play their part.
Aluminium, timber and steel framing systems all have sustainable qualities whilst also being durable, cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing.

When used as part of a certified system, all three of these systems can provide exceptional performance in a fire as well as helping the construction industry protect natural resources and attain high environmental targets.

Which framing system is most suitable will vary depending on your project. For further information or support on your next project, please contact us.

At Pyroguard, we have an extensive database of test evidence and our technical sales team is always on hand to help you make the right choice when it comes to fire safety glass systems, sustainability and our multi-functional fire glass. To find out more, contact us today.

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