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Pyroguard helps BBC DIY SOS Team deliver on its Children in Need ‘Big Build’ promise

Pyroguard, the UK’s largest Independent fire resistant glass manufacturer, has contributed to helping Nick Knowles and the DIY SOS team build a centre for the support of young people in care and leaving care, as part of the Children in Need ‘DIY SOS: The Big Build’ project.

Pyroguard & BBC Collaboration for Children In Need

The episode which aired during the BBC Children in Need Appeal saw the DIY SOS team build a centre and supported housing for some of Wales’ most vulnerable young people. As part of the project, Pyroguard donated its Pyroguard Integrity Plus fire resistant glass for use in the communal kitchen of the building. Certified to EN 1363-1 and EN 12600 standards for fire and impact resistance within steel frames provided by fabricator Crittall Windows, the glass separates the kitchen from a walkway and was also used in a fire door, creating a safer environment and forming an escape route in the event of fire.


In order to provide the fire resistance required for The Roots Foundation’s renovated support centre, the glass was made specifically for the project. The Pyroguard Integrity Plus range protects against flames, smoke and radiant heat, with the additional radiant heat control delivering greater fire protection to the building. It also offers an integrity period of 60 minutes in which the glass will block flames and smoke, and was delivered against a tight TV filming schedule.

Martin Potter, technical sales manager at Pyroguard said: “DIY SOS always sets out to deliver ambitious projects for such worthy causes. When we heard they needed a fire-resistant glazing system, we wanted to give them all the support we could. Through working with Crittall Windows and Crystal Units we were able to contribute 10m2 of 13mm glass to help create a bespoke solution that was tailored to this wonderful building’s particular design requirements.


“The Pyroguard Integrity Plus range is unrivalled in its quality and safety. The Roots Foundation will now benefit from a product that is not only at the forefront of fire resistant glass research and development, but one which is very robust and reduces noise.”

By reducing the transmission of sound by 37 decibels when compared with alternative glass products, Pyroguard’s solution is an ideal choice for a lively and social kitchen. Additionally, as it is manufactured from layers of toughened glass which are then laminated, it is robust enough for a vital escape route as well as being suited to a busy area of the centre.

Pyroguard manufactures and supplies high performance fire resistant glass tailored to a wide variety of requirements, enabling architects, specifiers, contractors and construction professionals to meet all their fire safety glazing requirements via a single source. All Pyroguard T glass products carry the CE Mark and come supplied with a certificate of performance.

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