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Pyroguard furthers ESG commitment with solar panel investment

Forming part of a company-wide energy saving initiative, Pyroguard, has invested in solar panels for its UK project glass facility in Haydock. This investment reinforces the manufacturer’s commitment to its Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) goals.

Solar panels on top of a building on a sunny day

As the world’s leading independent provider of fire safety glass for timber, steel and aluminium applications, Pyroguard is proud to be at the forefront of development and change in this sector. As such, the company is always looking for ways to further reduce the carbon footprint of its manufacturing sites across the Technical Fire Safety Group and to meet and exceed its ESG objectives. Important to businesses and supply chains worldwide, ESG objectives have become a key part of demonstrating how companies are upholding their responsibilities to not only the environment, but also to their employees and the general public.

The company’s £500,000 investment in the installation of a bespoke solar PV system, with a PV generator surface of over 2,900 m2 and over 1,500 PV modules, is the most recent example of this commitment to the environment.

Neil Tilsley, CEO at Technical Fire Safety Group spoke on this latest investment, saying: “We’re absolutely committed to ESG, taking our responsibility as a leading manufacturer in the industry very seriously and hopefully inspiring others in our supply chain. I’m very proud of our latest investment, with the installation of the solar panels helping us to reduce the carbon footprint of our Haydock site.

“As a company, we’re always looking for smart ways to save energy. In fact, we’ve recently run a company-wide initiative in which we encouraged our employees to suggest ideas on how we could save energy, making sure that we keep them involved in our green efforts.”

As well as the addition of solar panels to the facility, Pyroguard has also installed EV charging points on site for its company car fleet, which will be switched over to exclusively electric vehicles.

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