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Pyroguard and Aluprof complete testing programme on new aluminium framing system collaboration

A complete solution

Bringing together more than eight decades of technical industry experience, fire glass experts Pyroguard and fire door & window partition systems specialists Aluprof have completed an ambitious testing programme for a new cost-efficient, slimline fire-resistant glazing system for the European market.

Fire Resistant Glass Bridgewater

Following two years of collaboration between the leading manufacturers, the new MB-45EW framing system has been developed and rigorously tested for applications across the UK, France and The Netherlands, adhering to E30 and EW standards which are required in these regions. A first for the European aluminium market, the non-thermally insulated door and window system combines cost efficiency with basic minimum depths. Exceeding the current E30 and EW requirements with additional radiation reduction, the modern aluminium system allows for greater aesthetics through tighter tolerances, achieving a more slender profile of window and door structures.

Suitable for internal applications, the framing solution is available as smoke-proof wall partitions and doors, compliant with EN13502-2. As the first fire glass tested and certified for the new system, the solutions utilise Pyroguard Integrity Plus glass, delivering El 15 and EW30 fire performance along with 1B1 impact protection. With EW fire performance, the glazing gives advanced protection for people and property, while its structural integrity and lightweight profile allows for installation in even the most challenging applications.

“Glazing often plays a vital role in modern buildings, but meeting functional safety requirements needn’t come at the expense of aesthetics,” says Vince Crook, Technical Director at Pyroguard. “By collaborating with Aluprof, we’ve been able to develop a fully-accredited and certified framing solution which utilises the key characteristics of our high-performing products – namely design and 1B1-classified impact protection, in addition to essential EI 15 and EW30 safety requirements.

“To ensure sufficient safety from the new framing system, we’ve also worked closely with our testing partner Efectis to develop a stringent testing programme that gives a large scope of application. Gaining full accreditation, the programme has demonstrated the strengths of our combined efforts, resulting in a product which exceeds the current requirements in the UK, France and The Netherlands while remaining a cost-effective option for specifiers.”

Rafał Majza, Export Director at Aluprof, added: “As we’ve strived to deliver a solution which is effective, cost-efficient and aesthetically pleasing to suit the needs of specifiers today, we’ve had to overcome several challenges. The expertise of Pyroguard has been invaluable and by combining our efforts throughout the testing phase we have created a solution which exceeds current safety requirements to deliver advanced protection.”

Optimising design opportunities for architects and specifiers, Pyroguard creates bespoke glazing solutions which meet the requirements of comprehensive certifications. From basic integrity only E-rated glazing through to high performance, insulating EI-classification solutions, Pyroguard has 30 years of experience offering the widest range of fire-resistant glass from a single supplier.

For further information on Pyroguard and its range of products or to discuss your technical requirements please contact our dedicated Technical Support Team

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