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Keeping you safe – fire glass for public buildings

The safety of the public is an important issue with the selection and specification of materials under more scrutiny than ever before. If the liability for any harm to a member of the public rests with incorrect or substandard building materials, then the consequences can be colossal. In the case of fire safety glass for public buildings, there are several factors that must be considered before the appropriate product is installed.

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Why fire safety glass?

Architects, specifiers and installers will have their own requirements in terms of aesthetics and budgetary considerations but for any new build or refurbishment development, all interested parties will need to comply with legislation and best practice guidelines on fire safety.

Fire glass for public buildings will typically need to incorporate several heightened safety characteristics, including:
● Increased resistance to shattering or breakage
● Increased resistance to fire
● A degree of protection against heat from fires
● A barrier against the spread of fire and smoke

While local building regulations will specify exactly what the minimum requirements are in terms of fire protection for public buildings, it is important to remember that the performance and credentials of fire safety glass products are understood in order to select the most appropriate solution for the intended application.

Which solution do I need?

Some fire safety glass systems will be more suited to new build projects, while other products may be better for building redevelopments or retrofits. The structural elements of the building, from timber to aluminium or steel, will also help determine the most appropriate product while other considerations may include the external appearance of the glass as a design aspect beyond its safety features.

For public buildings with high levels of occupancy and footfall, the durability and lifespan of the product will be paramount and in a sector where environmental impact is a key consideration, product life cycle and carbon footprint information are also important.

Want to learn more about fire safety glass systems for public buildings?

Regardless of the number of variables that your development will no doubt have, the requirement for high performance is a constant. Whichever type of fire safety glass is most suitable for the requirements of your project, you need to be confident that the safety of occupants is the top priority.

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