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Combining energy efficiency and fire safety: The new collaboration between Pyroguard and Technoform

Recognising the increased attention on energy efficiency and sustainability, Pyroguard and profile manufacturer Technoform UK have successfully collaborated on a test programme and launched a new fire rated solution: the use of high-performance warm edge spacers with Pyroguard fire safety glass.

Technoform Warm Edge Spacer Collaboration with Pyroguard

Available for use in a range of Pyroguard’s fire-rated Insulated Glazed Units (IGUs), this development now enables architects, contractors, façade engineers and fabricators to achieve greater thermal properties and improved unit performance under test conditions.

Spacers – installed as separators between the glass panes – that are certified for use in fire rated IGUs are traditionally manufactured from steel or aluminium, due to the material’s durability in the event of a fire. However, from an energy efficiency point of view, the conductivity of metal can adversely affect the thermal performance of a glazing system.

Working in partnership – and following several full-scale fire tests at Warringtonfire (UK) and Efectis (FR) – Technoform and Pyroguard have developed and qualified this new solution, which complies with BS EN 1364. The warm edge spacers are suitable for use in conjunction with Pyroguard’s fire rated IGUs and are included as standard with many of Pyroguard’s (IGU) constructions. Unlike other warm edge spacer technologies, the Technoform SP14 spacer has a hybrid construction of precision engineered polypropylene and steel. The SP14 delivers improved thermal properties, while the inclusion of steel co-extruded into the spacer structure offers structural stability and durability in fire situations.

Speaking about the collaboration, Andy Lake, Sales Director UK & IRE at Pyroguard said: “Sustainability and energy efficiency is becoming an increasingly critical factor for architects and specifiers. Across the glazing industry, we are seeing warm edge spacers being specified with increasing frequency, helping to reduce the thermal bridging of the system. Our partnership with Technoform and our extensive testing programme has enabled us to now bring this improved thermal performance to the fire safety glass sector, combining safety with sustainability.

“We’re very proud to be the first fire safety glass manufacturer to offer this performance upgrade as standard in the market.”

Richard John, Product & Market Manager at Technoform, added: “Specifiers and building owners are constantly looking to improve thermal performance and reduce carbon footprints. Added to this, limited combustibility design is vitally important. Our partnership with Pyroguard now enables us to deliver performance on all these fronts.”

CE and UKCA approved, the new warm edge spacers are compatible with many of Pyroguard’s products. Available in widths from 12 – 22 mm, the spacers are also manufactured in various colours, including black, which is ideal for blending seamlessly with the sealants used in typical IGU constructions.

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