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Bead-less glazed fire door enhances design without compromising on safety

Specialist fire glass manufacturer, Pyroguard, has broadened the application scope of its Pyroguard Protect glazing, following tests which certify its use within a new design-led fire door system.

Fire Rated Door With Wiring

Developed in collaboration with premier Belgian fire door manufacturer, Doorsolutions, the fire door goes beyond preventing the spread of fire. Doing away with beaded glazed apertures, a fixed flush visibility panel provides a sleek and continuous finish for an aesthetically pleasing design which suits modern interiors, without compromising the typical functionalities and performance of a traditional fire door. The reduced surface area of the flushed panels, coupled with integrated double glazed blind system from Polysun, also leads to greater hygiene levels – a crucial consideration in environments such as hospitals, schools and care homes.

As part of the rigorous testing process, which included a number of pre-tests at Pyroguard’s Seingbouse Laboratory, the complete doorset featuring Pyroguard T-EI30/18-2 successfully prevented the passage of flames and hot gases. In addition, it restricted the temperature rise on the unexposed side to remain within safe levels, for up to 30 minutes. Moreover, the coveted EI130 classification was achieved, the most stringent in Europe.

“We’re constantly striving to develop fire-rated solutions which meet or exceed current safety requirements while enhancing modern design. The result of our collaboration with Doorsolutions and Polysun does just that,” says Dr Vincent Crook, Director of Technical Development at Pyroguard. “Complete with Pyroguard Protect, the solution excelled in the testing phase, performing beyond requirements to achieve Europe’s most stringent standard of EI130. That performance coupled with flush design means that fire doors needn’t detract from a building’s design, instead bringing further benefits from both design and cleanliness perspectives.”

Christoph Baete of Doorsolutions, added: “It’s a real technical feat to have achieved this classification and doing so has given this fire resistant solution a broad scope when it comes to application. This includes countries right across Europe, as well as the United Arab Emirates where the combination of practical fire protection and complimentary design are just as important.”

Albert Contant of Polysun, said: “The flush implementation combined with Polysun screen systems means the door is ideal for hospitals, nursing homes and even schools, where hygiene and privacy needs are fulfilled.”

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