The three-in-one benefits of fire resistant glass

Pyroguard is constantly working to deliver the best fire glass solutions and the best service to our clients, which is why we’re First in Fire Glass. But whilst we might be number one for fire glass solutions, it’s really three that’s the magic number for our fire resistant glazing…

1) Impact Performance

It goes without saying that safety comes first when it comes to fire glass, but the protection offered by Pyroguard products doesn’t stop at fire resistance. All of our fire rated glass is rigorously tested against soft body impact, and certified to European Standard EN 12600, with our products achieving ratings between 1B1 and 3B3.

In simple terms, our fire glass is designed to easily withstand the impact of a person walking into it – while the glass is permitted to crack, according to the standard, it must hold together. At Pyroguard, we test all our products on a pendulum rig with a 50kg weight from a height of a minimum of 450mm, which should give you some idea of just how resilient our glazing really is.

For additional safety, our fire glass can be silk-screened with ceramic frit, helping to make internal doors and partitions more visible.

2) Acoustic Performance

Effective sound control is a key component of modern architecture. Large public buildings, urban developments, major transport hubs, hospitals and schools all require building materials that offer high performance acoustic control, as well as the aesthetic qualities needed to create a pleasant, practical space.

Pyroguard’s fire resistant glazing with interlayers offers optimum acoustic control. Our glass can help to minimise intrusive urban sound pollution, ambient noise and reverberation, whilst allowing plentiful natural light to enter.

3) Thermal Performance

In an era of increasing environmental awareness, green design elements are more in-demand than ever before. Building materials now have to meet the standards for heat emissivity set out in Part L of the Government Building regulations, so finding suitable, appropriately insulated glass is a must.

While a typical, air-filled double-glazed window might have a U-values of over 5, because of our flexibility for counterpanes, Pyroguard’s IGUs can offer U-values as low as 1 or below – good news for energy expenditure and your overall carbon footprint.

Flexible fire glass solutions

Pyroguard only manufactures specialist fire resistant glass. That’s it, and nothing else. We will help you to find the right fire glass solution, helping you to get exactly the specification you need.

Our entire range of fire glass is designed to offer you 3-in-1 benefits and first-class performance. With protection against flames, heat and fumes from 30 to 180 minutes, our fire rated glass provides a wealth of other benefits and – with the help of our expert specification team – can be adapted to suit even the most ambitious architectural requirements.

For the latest news on Pyroguard and our fire glass solutions, follow us @Pyroguard or on LinkedIn. To speak to our specification team about your individual needs, call 01942 710 720.

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