Pyroguard T in focus

Pyroguard T is a range of products offered by Pyroguard covering the complete spectrum in fire resistant glass from E30 applications (integrity only for 30 minutes) right the way through to EI180 applications (heat insulation for 180 minutes).

Modified toughened and modified laminated toughened

The range includes both modified toughened and modified laminated toughened options. Modified toughened is float glass which has been specially processed utilising a special heating and cooling profile to achieve classifications as high as EW60 (radiation control to 60 minutes). Being a toughened glass it is also has an incredible strength-to-weight ratio achieving the highest impact classification at 1C1 when tested to the BS EN 12600 pendulum test. This is a very economical solution to the requirements of fire barriers for the budget conscious project where the building regulations allow it.

Modified laminated toughened options are derived from the modified toughened products but have been laminated to give enhancements over and above those of the original product. These derivatives may start with the inclusion of a PVB type interlayer to provide additional security against physical attack for applications in financial institutions, specialist medical centres or detention centres. Alternatively or additionally they can include special reactive intumescent interlayers which can give enhancements such as radiation control up to 180 minutes.

The scope of the test evidence is extensive and in some applications and systems, these have allowed us to have some of the largest tested sizes on the market. The added mechanical strength from using toughened glass makes the range an excellent product to glaze into steel applications; however, the products are also certified in timber systems.

As the glass is a multi-laminate, it also has the added benefit of being a high performing acoustic glass, for example, Pyroguard T EI60 25-3 glass will, as a single glaze, provide a 42db sound reduction. This acoustic performance can be further improved if glazed as an IGU (insulated Glass Unit).

IGU Capabiltiies

Due to the extensive test evidence, Pyroguard T is certified into IGU applications. This not only allows for an improved acoustic performance but allows for a vast array of non-fire counterpane glass to be used, including float glass, coated, tempered and laminated glass.

As Pyroguard is an independent fire glass manufacturer, we are able to source almost any counter-pane which allows the architect to retain their ability on full choice concerning colours and aesthetics and also on performance levels to manage the building to the specifications outlined.

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