Pyroguard’s new seamless butt joint solution is a success

Fire rated butt joint system: Combining design and safety

There are no ‘ifs or buts’ about Pyroguard’s evolutionary butt-joint system which makes fire resistant glass more aesthetically pleasing than ever before to architects looking for screens that offer a seamless fire resistant glass partition between rooms.

Developed as a result of customer feedback, Pyroguard’s butt joint system has been fitted in a variety of environments including gyms, atriums and internal offices. The finished result is unimpeded views of each space due to the lack of overtly visible joins between the glass panels. There are effectively no frames involved in the installation of the system achieving the seemingly invisible joins often seen in non fire rated screens, but of course Pyroguard’s butt joint system has the ability to achieve this look with the added bonus of fire resistance. The latest evolution of the butt joint solution has taken on board comments from installers, improving and reducing installation times.

While other specialist glass has previously been provided as glass only, Pyroguard now offers the new butt joint system as a complete glazing solution with designed components included, all combining to supply customers with a certified solution. As all ancillary materials are used as part of the kit, so there is no excess or waste product once the system has been installed.

The butt joint system came into its own when it was installed in the Lingley Mere Gym development where the client and architect alike were especially keen to make the gym feel as bright and open as possible. As a well-known utility company, the client required the building to reflect their reputation as a business that is up to date and willing to provide a stylish and inspiring workplace. The building now has a fire resistant glass system that not only protects the client’s workers and visitors in case of a fire, but also makes the gymnasium’s design stand out as a focal point.

With the addition of the butt joint system, Pyroguard now has such an extensive selection of specialist glass options that their website’s fire glass product selector tool has been in high demand. Clients can use the tool to input the requirements of their particular project and the tool will identify which product will achieve the best results for the client. It is clear that with the combination of aesthetic potential and compliance with safety standards, the butt joint system will lead to impressive results in a variety of projects.

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