Fire-resistant IGUs

Combining performance and protection

As architectural design continues to increase in scope and ambition, it’s vital that architects, specifiers and installers have access to high performance materials that will enable them to realise their vision.

In contemporary – and particularly urban – design, architects strive to combine cutting-edge aesthetics with natural environmental factors, allowing as much natural daylight into buildings as possible. Wide areas of insulated glazing, whether on a façade or roof, can help to achieve this, so it’s little surprise that the popularity of glass as a structural component shows no sign of abating.

With glass playing a leading role in modern construction, it’s crucial that this versatile material not only looks good, but can stand up to some of the core challenges in modern architecture, construction and engineering: namely safety, environmental responsibility and comfort.

Pyroguard fire glass: protecting people and property

Insulated glazing units (IGUs) – otherwise known as double, or increasingly triple, glazing – featuring Pyroguard’s fire-resistant glass can provide protection against flames, heat and fumes for 30 to 180 minutes, helping to safeguard both people and property.

Available in the three main classifications, E, EW and EI, our fire-resistant glass also comes in toughened form: the Pyroguard T range is designed to withstand from three to five times more pressure than average heat-resistant glazing – ideal for buildings in which sheet glass is a key structural component.

Tough protection, gentle on the environment

Environmentally responsible design and construction can ultimately mean the difference between a project’s success or failure: strict CO2-reduction targets have made IGUs a mandatory feature in new construction across much of Europe, for example.

Incorporated into IGUs, Pyroguard’s fire glass can help your project exceed environmental requirements. Low-emissivity fire glass offers enhanced thermal insulation, while solar control glazing can reduce heat transmittance during the day while allowing plentiful natural light to penetrate.

All of our products are rigorously tested against the world’s leading environmental assessment methods, giving you a range of low carbon, low impact glazing solutions suitable for almost any application.

Contributing to comfort

Glass is a flexible material that’s suitable for a wide range of applications. Whether used internally or externally, for functionality or decoration, Pyroguard’s heat-resistant glazing can be tailored to contribute significantly to the comfort of the people around it.

Our dedicated specification staff can advise on important factors such as acoustic control, helping you to select glazing that will minimise sound pollution and provide a comfortable living or working environment for users of urban buildings. Or perhaps ultraviolet protection – ideal for reducing fading on indoor furnishings – could be the right choice for your project.

Our fire glass can be used in a way that’s sympathetic to contemporary and traditional design; fitted into timber or steel for a strong, tactile finish; and tinted or decorated with ceramic frit patterns for safety, style and privacy.

Pyroguard’s superior service

At Pyroguard, we pride ourselves on offering insightful, in-depth support. Our expert specification team delivers a personalised service, understanding your requirements and working with you to find the right solution every time.

We can advise on design and aesthetics, environmental responsibility, user comfort, and performance – we can even assist you to write a national building specification that could ensure your project’s success.

For your next architectural venture, consider Pyroguard fire-resistant glass for your IGUs. Our heat-resistant glazing can provide complete compliance with fire and safety regulations with zero compromise on design, performance and beauty.

For the latest news on Pyroguard and our fire glass solutions, follow us @Pyroguard or on LinkedIn. To speak to our specification team about your individual needs, call 01942 710 720.

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