Fire Glass Applications

Pyroguard glass is designed to provide safe and visually appealing glazing solutions in a variety of building applications. Here are just some of the ways in which our glass can be used to protect your building against smoke and fire while retaining optimum temperature, natural light and acoustic control.


Whatever size or style you have in mind for your building’s windows, Pyroguard fire safety glass is suitable for your application. Using Pyroguard glass in windows will provide protection from impact and fire, as well as solar control, temperature regulation and high levels of natural light. It can be combined with any other glass to create the specific aesthetic your building requires, and ensures a relaxing and visually pleasing environment for occupants.


Pyroguard glass can be used in door applications to create both an attractive entrance to a building and a natural flow of light throughout the interior. As Pyroguard glass is rigorously tested to ensure it meets the standards for impact resistance, it is a secure option for external doors. It also controls the temperature, minimises the need for artificial lighting in the entrance area of a building, and gives a clear view of who’s coming and going.

Curtain Walling

Offered in some of the largest tested sizes on the market, Pyroguard T glass lends itself to large applications such as the “curtain wall” method of glazing, where glass is used in large uninterrupted areas. This application gives a light and airy feel as well as a futuristic aesthetic to a building. It has excellent levels of solar control, ensuring the temperature remains ambient and that the building does not suffer from heat loss or gain. It optimises the flow of natural light and creates a pleasant working environment as occupants enjoy excellent views of outside.

Fire Corridors

Safe and clear fire escape routes not only protect lives, but also ensure fires are contained away from essential working areas. Using fire corridors to minimise damage to a building makes business sense; using Pyroguard fire glass to create these areas makes practical sense. As well as making fire-safe corridors or compartments easy to see and navigate through in the event of fire, Pyroguard glass provides protection from fire for up to 180 minutes.

Pyroguard’s EW: Radiation Control category of glass provides both resistance to flames and smoke, and also protects against dangerous heat transfer, keeping the amount of radiant heat to below 15 kW/m2 on the unexposed side of the glass. It is therefore ideal for use in a fire corridor or compartment application. Glazed fire corridors also are less visually disruptive in a building, as they encourage the flow of natural light.

Internal Partitions

Pyroguard glass is suitable for use in internal partitions as it provides excellent acoustic control, maintains a comfortable temperature, and is impact safe. It allows natural light to flow throughout the building, reducing the need for artificial lighting and creating a pleasant open and airy feel for building occupants. It also provides the highest possible levels of protection against smoke, fire and heat transfer.

Insulated Glazing Units (IGUs)

Pyroguard fire safety glass can be combined with glass from any other supplier in IGUs (insulated glazing unit). Pyroguard glass can be used in timber, steel and aluminium framing systems, providing the frame is specifically designed as part of an approved fire-resistant glazed system, has the appropriate test evidence, and uses the glazing seals and bead types approved for that particular system.

Refurbishment Glazing

Fire resistant glass can be used in refurbishment glazing as long as glass and seals are replaced on a like-for-like basis. As Pyroguard glass has a performance rating appropriate to the relevant guidelines, it is eminently suitable for this purpose

If you’d like to know more about Pyroguard’s range of fire resistant glass, contact us today.