As Europe’s leading independent manufacturer of fire resistant glass, Pyroguard provides access to one of the most fully tested ranges on the market, delivering high quality fire glass solutions.


Pyroguard is manufactured at our Haydock facility in stock sheets so distributors can cut it to their required size.

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Pyroguard T

Pyroguard T is manufactured at our Seingbouse facility in bespoke sizes to the client’s specification and is suitable for use in ambitious architectural projects.

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Declaration of Performance

All Pyroguard fire resistant glass carries the CE Mark, demonstrating compliance with the European Norm (EN) standards for quality, safety and testing.

The CE Mark is accredited by TUV for the Haydock plant and by Efectis for the Seingbouse plant. Click below to view our DoPs.

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Fire Glass applications

Pyroguard glass is designed to provide safe and visually appealing glazing solutions in a variety of building applications. Find out some of the ways in which our glass can be used to protect your building against smoke and fire while retaining optimum temperature, natural light and acoustic control.

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