Production and Test Facilities

Pyroguard manufactures at two facilities: Seingbouse, France and Haydock, UK. Both locations are dedicated to continuous testing and development of Pyroguard fire glass products, as well as manufacturing the highest quality fire safe glazing systems.

Haydock, UK


Our range of Pyroguard fire resistant glass is manufactured in Haydock, Merseyside. This glass is suitable for a variety of applications, both interior and exterior. Pyroguard fire rated glass is manufactured in stock sheets at the Haydock site, and can be easily cut to size by our distributors; Pyroguard can also cut the glass to size on site.

Both our facilities are operated with a strong emphasis on production quality and health and safety. Pyroguard continues to invest in both sites to ensure that quality is never sacrificed but that speed and efficiency of production is also always optimised. Recently, Pyroguard has introduced new chemical mixing plants in to both sites. The Haydock site has also benefited from the introduction of new racking systems for storage of Pyroguard fire glass, optimising the storage process to avoid glass being compromised by damage or moisture.

Seingbouse, France

Seingbouse Production FacilityOur range of Pyroguard T toughened fire glass is manufactured to individual specification at our production facility in Seingbouse.

The Pyroguard T range consists of toughened monolithic or multi-layered fire glass suitable for larger applications (e.g. glass walls and façades). This glass is created through a lamination process whereby a resin interlayer is applied between plates of glass. Due to the size of applications in which it is used, and its special composition, the Pyroguard T glass is always made to order and is therefore not cuttable.

One of the major benefits to Pyroguard’s research and development efforts is the fire test furnace located on the French site, which means we can test our products in-house and ensure they remain safe and compliant with all relevant building regulations. Pyroguard’s R&D team uses this furnace for testing new fire glass innovations. Pyroguard is also currently investing in a new production line in the French plant.

Both of Pyroguard’s factories are fully compliant with the European standard EN 14449: 2005 which regulates factory production control and evaluation of safety glass for use in buildings. This demonstrates that all Pyroguard products are regularly tested to ensure their suitability for their prescribed use, and that they meet the requirements for resistance of fire, smoke, heat and impact. It also shows that our factories are regularly inspected and our production processes are assessed by an independent body to ensure the maximum level of safety and highest quality of fire glass.

Learn more about the Pyroguard range manufactured in Haydock, or the Pyroguard T range manufactured in France.