Membership and Accreditations

Pyroguard is a UK market leader in the manufacture and supply of fire resistant glazing. We’re committed to providing you with the best fire glass solution for your needs, which means keeping ahead of design, innovation and industry trends.

We’re members of some of the leading organisations in the glazing, architecture and construction sectors, so you can be confident that our fire safety glass is developed in line with the latest technological advancements, safety regulations and quality standards.

Architectural & Specialist Door Manufacturers’ Association (ASDMA)

ASDMA LogoOriginally formed to represent companies who manufacture bespoke timber doors, ASDMA expanded its membership to include glazing suppliers. ASDMA exists to promote best practice in the manufacture and supply of timber doors, ensuring that its members manufacture products which comply with all European regulations and standards.

Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF)

GGF Blue Logo
The GGF is a government-recognised organisation that represents companies involved in the manufacture, supply or fitting of flat glass products and services in the UK and abroad. Key subsidiaries within the GGF include ‘FENSA’, which helps ensure compliance with planning rules for the instalment of energy efficient windows and doors, and the British Fenestration Ratings Council, which develops Window Energy Ratings to certify the energy efficiency of windows.

Fire Resistant Glazing Group (FRGG)

Membership of the FRGG represents a commitment to following the Fire Resistant Glazing Best Practice Guide, which, as the name suggests, contains the vital information that relates to the instalment and use of fire resistant glazed systems. The Guide is used as a reference within the Building Regulations for Fire Safety (England & Wales), and all FRGG members follow its principles and guidelines.

Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA)

RIBA LogoThe Royal Institute of British Architects is an organisation that promotes quality architecture by providing its members with training and support throughout the world. They also work with the government to ensure the development of public buildings and homes that achieve the highest levels of design quality. Membership of RIBA is a mark of recognition of a commitment to high standards and the best possible buildings.

National Building Specifications (NBS Plus)

NBSPlus LogoThe NBS has over 40 years’ experience developing specification products that work for the construction industry, covering all areas from building construction to landscape design. Perhaps most notably, it produced the standard building specification system that is recognised across the UK. The NBS also produces information solutions, such as The Construction Information Service, and publishes the Building Regulations Approved Documents for England and Wales.

British Woodworking Federation (BWF)

BWF LogoThe BWF has over 600 members working across the woodworking and joinery manufacturing industries. Striving to offer its members the highest level of service, the BWF is a trade association that connects companies and individuals from across industries to share ideas and solutions.

Association of Composite Door Manufacturers (ACDM)

Association of Composite Door ManufacturersThe ACDM was created in recognition of the need to establish a series of recommended standards for manufacturers of composite doors. Membership of the ACDM is a mark of a company’s commitment to meeting requirements and maintaining quality standards at all levels of composite door production.


Certifire LogoCERTIFIRE is a certification scheme that is independent and internationally respected by regulatory authorities, specifiers and customers alike. A third party certification like CERTIFIRE ensures end-user confidence in the performance of the product. There is an online CERTIFIRE register available that allows users to view all certified fire protection products and systems, including Pyroguard fire resistant glazing.


Pyroguard’s Haydock production plant is accredited to BS EN ISO 9001 – the world’s most popular quality management standard – by accreditation body BSI.

All Pyroguard fire resistant glass carries the CE Mark, demonstrating compliance with the European Norm (EN) standards for quality, safety and testing. The CE Mark is accredited by TUV for the Haydock plant, and by Efectis for the Seingbouse plant.

In addition to the CE Mark, Pyroguard glass carries the P mark in order to demonstrate specific compliance with Swedish legislation. The P mark is accredited by SP Sitac.

Pyroguard glass has CEKAL certification, which guarantees its performance for ten years. This includes thermal, acoustic and safety performance, and durability. CEKAL defines six different levels of noise insulation for glass, and 14 different classes of thermal insulation performance.