Brand Values

First in Fire Glass

Pyroguard’s main aim is to provide fire resistant glass which enables architects, specifiers and installers achieve their vision of safe and beautiful living and working spaces. We believe that making buildings safe should not compromise aesthetically pleasing architecture.

Pyroguard is ‘First in Fire Glass’, with the acronym ‘FIRST’ representing the following values:

in order to put our clients and users first, we are flexible in every area of our operations; not just our range of fire glass solutions but also in terms of the service and technical support we offer.

our independence sets us apart in the market. It gives us the ability to provide a personal service and be much more adaptable, opening up a whole range of design elements and glass solution options

whether you are a specifier, building owner, processor or installer, we are responsive to your needs and will prioritise you in terms of time and quality of support.

since we specialise in this niche, we are better equipped than anyone else to provide expert advice and dedicate our entire R&D efforts to advancing fire glass solutions in approved fire-resistant systems.

Pyroguard is built on solid technical foundations. From front-facing technical support teams to our PhD-qualified R&D engineers, our team is industry-leading. Our products are certified to the most stringent technical standards and supported by extensive technical materials.

Pyroguard’s expert team is a major resource of knowledge on both our products and the standards which regulate them. Our dedicated specification team takes time and care to ensure our customers receive the advice, technical and regulatory information they require, and are happy to consult with you at any stage of your project, even if it’s just an initial enquiry.