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EI90 test success in Forster Door Systems!

We have achieved new test evidence and certification in the Forster Fuego Light System for Pyroguard Protect T-EI90/40-3

EI90 forster door system before and after

Pyroguard Protect T-EI90/40-3 has been successfully tested at Efectis, France in the Forster Fuego Light EI90 System as a single door with side-lite and top-lite with the following features:

  • Approved door set dimensions 3m x 3.4m
  • Leaf: 1510mm x 2505mm
  • Leaf lite: 1360mm x 2355mm
  • Side lite: 1310mm x 2445mm
  • Top lite: 2850mm x 755mm
  • Certifire Approved
EI90 forster door system

This new test success is the first EI90 door set test using Pyroguard T-EI90/40-3 and we’re pleased to confirm the specimen comfortably met the target requirements, achieving EI101 and 127 minutes integrity.

Pyroguard Protect is range of toughened fire safety glass which provides integrity and heat insulation for 30 to 180 minutes (EI Classification). The solution provides 1B1 impact classification, high performing acoustic properties and UV stability.


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EI90 forster door system

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