Glazed Fire Doors – What you need to know

With 3 million fire doors being installed in the UK every year, it is essential that they are fitted and used correctly in order to protect building occupants’ safety. A recent review of 100 cases prosecuted under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 found that the second highest number of prosecutions were due to inadequate fire doors. Pyroguard is proud to offer quality fire resistant glass for use in fire doors, providing the highest level of safety without compromising on aesthetic appeal.

The benefits

Glazed fire doors offer a number of benefits in everyday working life as well as in case of an emergency. Pyroguard fire safety glass allows for the natural flow of light through and around a building, creating a pleasant atmosphere for those working inside. Being able to see through doors allows occupants to move safely around a building, and provides the security benefit of being able to see who is coming and going in a workplace. In the event of a fire, fire glazed doors enable occupants to see if an escape route is clear, rather than risking opening a door leading to a fire, and will show if anyone is trapped or unconscious behind a door.

Pyroguard fire resistant glass is extremely versatile as it can be cut to your required size, and can also be combined with any other brand of glass, in an IGU for example. It can be made available quickly and locally at very short notice, without the need for specialist equipment. All Pyroguard fire safety glass is rigorously tested by an accredited third party at an independent facility in Warrington.

Compliance with regulation

Pyroguard fire safety glass meets all of the performance requirements for glass in situations where it is in contact with fire, as outlined in Approved Document B of the UK Building Regulations. Its fire resistance classification ranges from 30 minutes integrity (with a greater degree of radiation control than standard tough and wired glass) up to 60 minutes full insulation. Pyroguard fire glass is non-combustible and impact-safe, conforming to the requirements for impact safety as set out in Approved Document K. Pyroguard’s laminated glass also provides a higher level of protection against impact than wired glass alternatives.

Using fire resistant glazing in fire doors ensures compliance with the requirements for accessibility in buildings as specified in Approved Document M, as well as Building Bulletins 99 and 100, which cover building and fire safety frameworks for schools. This demonstrates the wide application of fire glazed doors, as they are suitable for any building, large or small, regardless of footfall.

A comprehensive service

Pyroguard is proud to be an independent, specialist fire resistant glass manufacturer that offers technical support, expert advice and guidance tailored to each customer’s individual requirements. Pyroguard aims to be more than just a manufacturer of fire safety glazing, instead offering our customers and partners in the building industry complete fire glass safety solutions including comprehensive technical support.

Contact us for more information on our fire resistant glazing for fire doors.

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