EuroAirport – Pyroguard Protect Saint-Louis, France

Pyroguard Protect - T-EI120/47-3

EuroAirport is one of the few jointly operated airports in the world. Operated by France and Switzerland, it benefits from its exceptional location in the heart of Western Europe.

Located in France, near to the borders of Switzerland and Germany it welcomes some 6.5 million passengers every year.

Pyroguard Protect is a range of fire-rated glass which provides integrity and heat insulation for 30 to 180 minutes (EI Classification). The solution provides 1B1 impact classification, high performing acoustic properties and UV stability.

Solution Pyroguard Protect

The Cargo Terminal area was renovated with Pyroguard Protect T-EI120/47-3.

This protection barrier allows 2 hours of fire resistance in case of a fire. Very visible from the motorway, the new building is a total of 21,000 m2 is visually impressive with its 750 m long façade.

Photo credits courtesy of: EuroAirport & French Moments

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