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Is there more to compartmentation than localising flames?


Compartmentation is a recognised strategy for preventing fire spread and aiding swift evacuation, but little is understood about its true effectiveness. Here, Simon Ellison of fire glass specialist, Pyroguard, explains how fire spreads and why compartmentation isn’t just about controlling the flames. It is widely accepted that sub-dividing spaces into compartments separated from one-another by


Igniting business growth


Independent fire glass specialist, Pyroguard, is delighted to announce the appointment of Andy Lake as UK Projects Director, who will draw on more than 33 years’ experience to drive the business forward as it eyes an ambitious growth target over the next four years. As a former chairman of the Fire-resistant Glazing Group with the


Q&A: Can fire resistant glass be used in IGUs?


Yes, absolutely. The requirement for fire rated glass is no longer a restrictive aspect of a project, it can be used as a conventional glass in an IGU (Insulated glazing unit) to offer stylish and high performance solutions. Developments in technology mean that fire glass now has a much better visual performance than in the


Introduction to fire glass counterpanes


What are counterpanes? Quite simply, a counterpane is an additional pane of glass that can be used to enhance performance in various glazing applications. Counterpanes can be used alongside Pyroguard fire safety glass without jeopardising its performance, resulting in glazing that is safe, aesthetically pleasing and able to deliver numerous other benefits. Combining a quality


The three-in-one benefits of fire resistant glass


Pyroguard is constantly working to deliver the best fire glass solutions and the best service to our clients, which is why we’re First in Fire Glass. But whilst we might be number one for fire glass solutions, it’s really three that’s the magic number for our fire resistant glazing… 1) Impact Performance It goes without