Select fire glass fast with help from Pyroguard’s Technical Document

Specification simplified

Specifying the correct (and compliant) fire-rated glass solution has never been simpler following the launch of a comprehensive and easy-to-use Technical Document by independent specialist, Pyroguard.

Allowing users to compare and contrast products with different levels of protection across steel, aluminium and timber frame systems, the Pyroguard Technical Document also contains crucial evidence – test data and certifications – that are the first step towards a risk-free installation.


Classified by level of protection (E – integrity; EW – integrity and radiation; and EI (integrity and insulation), each fire glass product is also grouped by the duration of fire protection that is needed, from 30 to 180 minutes. And, where other characteristics are required – such as acoustic, thermal or manual attack resistance – the Pyroguard Technical Document points users directly to the ideal solution.

The technical benefits of all of Pyroguard’s ranges are covered by the new guide – from entry-level Pyrostem right through to toughened, premium Pyroguard Protect. It marks the first time that all product families have been grouped together for ease of comparison, and provides both an ‘at-a-glance’ features summary coupled with thorough technical detail – including the type of profiles for which each product has achieved certification.

Dr Vince Crook, Group Technical Director at Pyroguard explained: “We know that specifiers and distributors wanted more detailed information on each product, but also needed an easy way to make comparisons. Our Technical Document therefore brings together our extensive test and performance data in an incredibly easy-to-use format which showcases our comprehensive range in full for the first time.

“Additionally, we have developed a complementary online Project Questionnaire, where users can select their desired framing, application and fire classification, as well as other required characteristics, to quickly identify the desired fire rated solution.”

Request your copy of the Technical Document, or contact us directly to discuss your particular project requirements.

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